A 10-week health coaching program

to mentor you to better health

My health coaching program is an exclusive, one-on-one practice tailored to support your unique health struggles in middle age.

As Your Health Coach

You’ll receive personalised day-to-day care to nurture you to a whole new way of eating, moving, living and being.

You’ll receive over 12 hrs of quality consultation time over the 10-week program to educate you, motivate you and keep you accountable.

Your results will speak for themselves – weight loss, stable appetite, boundless energy and a seismic shift in how you ‘see’ yourself.

Let me guide you to big, bold lifestyle changes – to put more days in your life and life in your days.

Don’t buy another fitness book.
Hire me to be your personal Health Coach.
You have my undivided attention.

To find out the next steps simply fill in your details to receive a free Health Coaching Starter Pack which includes a free workout and my favourite breakfast recipe.

    Health Coaching Q & A

    What's the difference between a health coach and a personal trainer?

    A personal trainer primarily facilitates the proper use of exercise to demonstrate how it can improve people’s lives.  Whilst trainers are effective at exercise prescription they may not have the time resources to ‘go deep’ into other areas of your life. As a health coach 80% of my efforts with you centre on proper nutrition.  With effective coaching you’ll realise how and what we feed ourselves can have such a profound effect on our health potential.  As a health coach I will also instruct you through movement routines which build strength and heart/lung capacity.  We also examine how life can be improved through better sleep and the identification and reduction of stressors in our lives.

    What health principles do I use for people to achieve their health goals?

    As a health coach I believe in the basic premise that everyone can maximise their health by proper eating and moving more.  The fact is, 80% of your health potential will be dominated by the type and quality of foods consumed.  With this in mind a large portion of the 12-week coaching program focuses on changing food habits and behaviours.  I will delve into your current food consumption patterns to suggest modifications and improvements – I’ll provide recipes, cooking tips and how ‘swapping-in’ alternative food choices can make change easy and uncomplicated.  I also offer my 50Fit Workout Program™ to introduce simple and functional movement into your life. It involves no gym memberships or fancy equipment – just you, some space and a few pieces of inexpensive gear.  I will instruct you how to perform all workouts to ensure you’re confident in proper form and technique.  I also believe that we live the vast majority of our lives hyper-connected and stressed and therefore learning how to moderate these external influences becomes critical to our health and overall lifespan.

    What do most people want to achieve from being coached?

    Without doubt, most people who engage with me want to lose weight.  And that’s not surprising given that over 65% of Australian adults are overweight.  What I’ve learnt is that most of my clients have flirted with trying to lose weight but lacked the plan to experience any noticeable, or indeed, sustainable progress.  If I had a dollar for everyone who has commented “David, I’ve spent years trying to lose weight, but I just didn’t know how…”.  The problem is that much of what we know about losing weight (body fat) is flawed.  We try to ‘white-knuckle’ our way through eating less, mustering the ‘willpower’ to get through each day.  Once we begin believing that our lack of progress is not a character flaw but rather based on science – the tables begin to turn.  As a Health coach I present realistic, attainable and gradual strategies to lose body fat and keep it off for the rest of your life.

    As a health coach how do I help people achieve their health goals?

    As a health coach I use three elements to affect positive change – education, communication and accountability.  I teach you effective methods to change your diet and movement patterns; I use a variety of accountability tools to keep you on task and to identify road blocks to progress and I check in with you regularly.  I call it a ‘continuous care’ approach – to mentor you through to your wellness goals.  Think of me as a parole officer for your health!  My 12-week program involves over 18 hours of in-person contact and a further 6 hours by phone.  This doesn’t include all those times where “I’ll just call David, I can’t decide what to order off the menu…..”.  In my program you are free to call me over a 10-hour period and ask any question you like.

    Can anyone be coached?

    Yes and no.  You see, while most people want to improve their health in one way or another not everyone is cut out for coaching.  The key is to recognise your state of READINESS.  Change happens when you’re ready to open-up to suggestions, break down pre-conceived beliefs and begin to establish new pathways to learn new skills. Only you know your state of readiness and the importance in recognising this inner trait before you begin cannot be overemphasised.

    What Does My Health Coaching Course Cost?

    My health coaching coarse is $250 per week for a total cost of $3,000 over the 12-week period.

    What does a typical week look like for a client?

    A typical week will begin with the setting of the week’s focused actions – behaviours which get you closer to your health goals.  For example, eating a healthier breakfast for the entire week instead of packaged cereal.  Another behaviour may be the completion of at least 2 x 45-minute walks.  There will also be a read/watch/listen task to gain further knowledge about a given topic, for example, how to identify hidden sugars.  I also provide tips, additional information and text content each day to help keep your mission top of mind.  At the end of the week we’ll re-group (either by phone or in-person) to assess your progress, re-focus your actions and set new tasks.  It’s these continual processes of goal setting, behaviour, practice and feedback which makes the entire coaching experience so powerful.

    What services are NOT delivered as a health coach?

    As a health coach I’m not a therapist and do not provide emotional counselling or diagnosis of mental health conditions. I don’t provide day by day individualised nutrition plans for specific medical conditions.  I don’t conduct laboratory assessments, diagnose medical conditions or prescribe diets to treat specific medical conditions.

    What are the next steps to engage your services?

    Simply go here, and complete the contact form – I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.