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Do You Suffer From White Coat Syndrome?

I've just come back from the doctor after a 7 minute consultation regarding my annual blood test. I'm so mad I feel like punching the living crap out of my son's comfort cushion, Kevin (yes he has a name for it!). Why am I mad? Because I feel ripped off, short changed...

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Alcohol: The Ultimate Weight Gainer

I'm not a huge fan of alcohol. Anyone reading my blogs for some time will already know this. Do I enjoy a dinner of steak and beer after a full day mowing the lawn in the height of summer? You better believe it. Can I sit in a beer garden with a bunch of mates and...

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Flogging Health to Middle-Aged Men

Come on blokes, seriously? I see it everyday walking through the city. Scores of (mainly) middle-aged men out the front of office buildings huddled together like arctic penguins puffing their lungs out into oblivion. It's not so much I don't get it...I do. I get why...

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What’s Your Surrender….?

For the rest of  2018, I'm going to try something different. Oh sure it's fine to have goals that you plan and see through, but that's not for me. For 2018 I've been thinking of a theme. A theme to guide my thinking. A theme which will set me up to cope better with...

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The Rise and Fall of the New Year’s Resolution

I read a recent study which found that 75% of all new year resolutions are health and fitness related (thumbs up) with a whopping 92% of people failing to follow-through (thumbs down). Whether it be eating better, sticking to an exercise program or simply becoming...

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50% off the 50Fit Program

Get Healthy in 2018! For a limited time only I'm offering my 50Fit program at half price. That's $49.95 instead of $99.95 For less than $5 bucks a week you can make 2018 your year to get active, eat better and feel great. Everything you need to achieve your health...

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Sleep: It’s so under-rated

I soon developed a sleep disorder in the weeks following my father's death. The doctor told me a stressful event can do that. I was getting medical help because all else had failed. A typical day went like this: woke up exhausted after 3-5 hours’ sleep. Cold shower to...

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Less Whiter and More Lighter – My Short Sugar Story

Whilst I was never a big sugar muncher in my early adult life, as a kid I bathed in it. Soft drinks lollies, chocolate – anything which resembled something sweet I ate it. I still remember the day as a 10-year-old staring up at the nose hairs of my dentist and hearing...

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The Great Low-Carb Beer Swindle

Low carbohydrate beer is right up there with decaffeinated coffee and thin condoms (would they every make a thick one?)...you don't really know if they're that useful. When the war on carbohydrates started around 2007, it was inevitable that every food from boxed...

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