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Surviving the Stuck: COVID-19’s Silver Lining

So you're listening to the authorities, staying at home and helping to flatten the curve. Good for you. Because in our lifetime we've never experienced a global pandemic. A collective behavioural shift of our everyday routine. It's rare that we're told to stop. To...

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The 10 Crucial Things I’ve Learnt in 10 Years

I thought I'd begin my first blog of 2020 with a look back at my last 10 years traipsing around Planet Earth and what it's taught me... 1. Time is currency Over the last decade my kids have aged from 1 to 11 and 4 to 14 and over that time the only currency they value...

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Make Cholesterol Great Again

I’ve been obsessed with cholesterol ever since a visit to my doctor a few years ago. He told me that too much of it - especially in my 50’s - will kill me. Apparently if I consume excess amounts of it in the form of saturated fat, it will ‘build up’ in my arteries and...

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The Call of Kruger

I've just spent a week in Kruger National Park, South Africa. It was an amazing experience and I was lucky enough to see the ‘Big 5’ - elephants, lions, buffalo, rhinos...and even the allusive leopard (make that 'Big 6!). It’s hard not to feel insignificant in the...

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Understanding Addiction

I was just 16 yrs old when my mother died. As a response to this traumatic event I looked to something that would, as my Dad said "Take my mind off it...". I threw myself into a new discipline of lifting weights. I loved the sound of the metal plates clinking together...

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Death by Facebook

My friends are all in their 50’s. As am I. They have friends and friends of friends who are now dying from the Big Four - heart disease, stroke, cancer and neuro-degenerative disease. They’re dying unexpectedly and suddenly. Here today, gone tomorrow…well before their...

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The Art of Attunement

Me: "Wow, did you see that Tom...bloody brilliant"! Tom: "See what..? "Me:  "Your son's goal..easily a 10 metre strike..." "Tom:  "Oh yeah, um just out of the corner of my eye..yeah it was a cracker." Tom is full of shit.  He didn't see jack.  It's...

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5 Things I’m Doing The Same in 2019

"What will be the biggest health and fitness trend in 2019…"? I get this question quite a lot. The truth is I don't know and neither does the next person yet alone asking any health and fitness 'guru'. In my mind I couldn't care less. For those of us winging our way...

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