David Contarini | Health Coach

G’day I’m David.

Husband, Dad and a certified average middle-aged bloke.

I live in Brisbane, Australia where it’s hot is summer and hot in winter.

I’m not an Instagram fitness guru or celebrity chef.

But I do take my health uber-seriously.

And that’s the only thing that matters to me.

It’s an investment I make which will pay huge dividends in the future. To me and my family.

I think about the days ahead of me more than anything.

I want to make them count.

And I want to live those days without disease. And I bet you do too.

I write in order to sort out the ideas and issues which trouble me and try to do it in a way that can teach and help others.

I wrote the 50Fit Program to show other middle-aged men and women that losing weight is not as ‘hard’ as it sounds.

And it’s not about starving yourself, drinking ‘manhood shakes’ or flogging yourself in a gym.

You see, there are foods considered ‘healthy’ which we are told to eat which completely rail-road you to a life of gradual weight gain.

You’re eating them now and you probably don’t even realise it.

I’ll teach you what they are, show you how to get ‘off’ them (sounds like a drug, right?) to loss weight and feel great.

That’s my promise to you.

Oh, and for the record I am a certified Primal Health Coach, and have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Sports Management. I also taught senior school physical education for 10 years throughout my home state of Queensland.


Teaching health and fitness is my passion and calling.