I heard the term ‘Covid Kilos’ in conversation the other day.

It presumes we can’t help ourselves opening the fridge door 1,000 time a day while in lockdown.

It’s true, the temptation is greater to snack all day as the four walls close in.

I’m fascinated by the way people have responded to these unprecedented times.

However, if I look close enough, despite the doom and gloom, COVID has given me many gifts.

Sure the economy has taken a nose dive, but it will return.

Just like it did after WW1 & 2, GFC, Sept 11.

My wife lost her job in May.

One day, she bought a cheap piece of furniture.

She sanded it down and gave it a lick of chalk paint.

Made it ‘Hampton Style’ (what ever that means).

She pocketed a x10 profit and now I have middle aged women dropping off their furniture for ‘commissioned work’.

She’s officially become a ‘Tradie’.  Although, the Strategy Team would call it a ‘Pivot’.

I can’t see her ever returning to the corporate world.  Thanks COVID. 

A recent ‘piece’ by The Tradie

The pandemic has redefined the workforce and created trusted employees.

Most of us have an option to work from home.

Work is now something we do, not somewhere we go.

Working from home means I see my family not just after the sun rises and again after it sets, but for most of the day.  Thanks COVID.

I can feel their primal, nurturing spirit when they’re around.

We are together like hunters and gatherers.

I spend more time with them then my co-workers (no offence).

And that’s how it should be. Thanks COVID.

I don’t start the day by the squawking of a alarm clock.

Now it’s a slow rise – with a walk – to clear my head and to feed off vitamin D.

My pedometers says I’ve walked from Brisbane to Cairns and back since April.

I listen to podcasts to learn and better myself.

I work uninterrupted, time to think and create. Thanks COVID.

I have two glorious cups of barista made coffee a day, with an added dollop of cream.

I stop work for lunch instead of eating with my head on a tilt, phone shoved against my ear.

Time now to chew and savor every bite. No more heart-burn.

And sometimes, while the kids are a school, I might even get some afternoon delight (cue Starland Vocal Band!), from the Tradie….if you know what I mean.

And for that alone, I say…Thanks COVID.