So you’re listening to the authorities, staying at home and helping to flatten the curve.

Good for you.

Because in our lifetime we’ve never experienced a global pandemic. A collective behavioural shift of our everyday routine.

It’s rare that we’re told to stop. To take a breath. To pivot, even.

But now we’re stuck.

Stuck indoors. Stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.

Maybe you’re also stuck in a shitty job, stuck in a nowhere relationship, stuck in your destructive habits.

Being stuck is the NOW.

Being aware of this moment is important because it is all we have.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may come. But now is our only currency.

So let’s not dwell on how we got here in the ‘stuck’.

Instead, let’s focus on what to do next.

How we respond to the stuck.

Just because you’re stuck is not an excuse for killing time.

Author of The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene says we always have a choice between ‘alive time’ or ‘dead time’.

Will we be using our time to consume or produce? To get better, to grow, or to be of service?

The answer determines the course of our life, whether what we face is an obstacle or an opportunity.

Isaac Newton did his best research when Cambridge closed due to the plague.

Shakespeare wrote King Lear hiding from the plague as well.

Nelson Mandela had 27 years in prison to visualise his new nation.

Clearly they weren’t playing Xbox and watching Netflix (or the equivalent of).

For me, I’ll be going to bed earlier, walking the dog everyday and savouring the company of my family.

Hardly ground breaking stuff but turning stuck into action nonetheless.

What about you?

Is this the perfect opportunity to ditch the alcohol, while everyone else is hoarding it?

To eat more protein foods while there is no more rice on the shelves?

Or to make time for that home workout to reacquaint yourself with the joy of movement?

My relative Mario training in his attic during total lock-down in Italy

So that’s where we are right now.

Faced with a choice. A choice to use this or not.

To make something of it or not.

It’s the only potential silver lining from this COVID -19 thing…and it’s totally up to you.