“What will be the biggest health and fitness trend in 2019…”?

I get this question quite a lot.

The truth is I don’t know and neither does the next person yet alone asking any health and fitness ‘guru’.

In my mind I couldn’t care less.

For those of us winging our way to better health in 2019, the idea of the ‘quick-fix’ is an alluring concept.

Oh sure we’ll have the next 24/7 fitness brand, more evidence of gut/brain connections and the odd dietary ‘break-though’ (whatever that means).

But for those of us who are tethered to health and fitness we know that the future has few answers.

In fact it’s a cognitive trip-wire. A deliberate means to divert us from a proven course of action.

The better question is “What will stay the same in 2019…”?

One person who’s a master at this reflection is financial behemoth Warren Buffet.

Each year at his annual conference in Omaha he outlines his financial road map for sustained wealth. And each year he tells his follows the same advice.

Don’t spend more than you earn. Invest in Superannuation and don’t keep up with the Jones’ because they don’t give a shite about you.

Famously he wages $1M each year to any investor who can out-perform an index 100 share fund. He’s never had to pay out.

His advice is sure-footed. Solid as a rock. And it works because, it works.

When it comes to health let me share with you my top 5 things which wont change in 2019:

  1.  I’ll be eating real food – meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some fruit. I have three go-to cook books totaling about 150 recipes using these ingredients which is more than enough variety. These foods never leave me hungry, ‘hangry’ or undernourished. They are the back-bone of my nutrition strategy and will be until the day I die.
  2. I’ll be limiting grains – as I’ve gotten older I find that wheat, bread, rice and pasta just don’t agree with me anymore. It took some time to get used to having these ‘staples’ punted from my plate but now that I’m not tethered to these foods they just taste like white goop to me. The hidden gem is that without these foods and the huge energy ‘bombs’ they deliver to my bloodstream my developing waist line has disappeared along with bloating and ‘foggy brain syndrome’.
  3. I’ll be keeping my blood glucose levels low – as a consequence of eating real foods my body will have low levels of blood glucose. This means my pancreas will be secreting only a smidgen of the hormone insulin in order to channel blood glucose to where it’s needed i.e. muscles and the liver. Low blood insulin levels ensures my body burns it’s own fat reserves when needed instead of signaling to eat more. This is good news all round.
  4. I’ll be fasting – not for weeks at a time but a simple daily practice where I extend the wait time of my first meal of the day. My last feed is around 9.00 pm with my first meal at about 10.00 am – that’s a 13 hour fast. Now remember this is without any feelings of hunger or ‘white-knuckling’ – as soon as hunger strikes, I eat! Fasting is a proven way of ‘cleaning-out’ junk from your cells ensuring optimal mitochondrial function.
  5. I’ll be lifting heavy things (and putting them back down!) – now when I say heavy I mean heavy for me. I stick to basic exercises using either weights or my body as resistance. I do chin-ups, push-ups, squats and a planking (core) movement at least twice a week. As I age the maintenance of strength is a non-negotiable for me. If you ever want to see the devastating effects of poor muscle development in old age go visit your local nursing home. If you’re stuck for choice you can start with my 50 Fit Program designed for middle-aged men and women.
My three favourite cook books

There you have it – a simple and proven plan to keep me (and you) healthy in 2019 and beyond..oh and one last thing…I’ll be making sure that I take Warren’s advice too.

If you’d like to start 2019 with your health as a priority drop me an email about my one-on-one health coaching program.