I read a recent study which found that 75% of all new year resolutions are health and fitness related (thumbs up) with a whopping 92% of people failing to follow-through (thumbs down).

Whether it be eating better, sticking to an exercise program or simply becoming more aware of our lack of health – only 8% of us will be committed.

In a way, I don’t really blame people.

When you think of it, why would the Earth completing one more revolution around the sun be a driving stimulus for your weight loss goals?

I know of people who don’t change their lifestyles after a heart attack, so why would blowing a party popper on the stroke of midnight suddenly strike action?

Here’s the thing, the reason why new year’s resolutions are BS is because when you make one – “I’m going to lose 10 kgs this year” – you overly invest in its success yet overterrified of it’s failure.

Once made, you hustle to line up the ducks – throw out the chocolate, drink the last beer or smoke the last cigarette – hell, you may even tell others that this is ‘the year’ we reach our health goals.

However, what we fail to realise is a force (yes Luke, A Force!) lurking in the back-lot of our brain ready to blow our new year’s resolution to smithereens.

Master story-teller Steven Pressfield, in his compelling book, The War of Art, calls this force – RESISTANCE. Simply put, Resistance is the enemy within. And it exists to stop you from doing the work.  From turning up.

What work? Let’s define work as any endeavour where you are rising to a ‘higher self’.

Starting a business, the pursuit of a calling, accepting a better job, overcoming an addiction, educating yourself or getting healthy – are all examples of work. In other words, any behaviour in favour of long-term growth, health or integrity.

Any of these acts – including your newly pledged new year’s resolution – will elicit Resistance.

You see, Resistance wants you to fail. It’s the voice in your head which tells you you’re too fat, too lazy, too busy, too old to start anything. It will round you up like a Kelpie to a sheep and bring you down. It will stop you from trying to ditch the fags and stop drinking so much. It will stop you from eating better and moving more. It’s negative, repelling, self-generated and self-perpetuated. It will fabricate lies and tell you anything to stop you from moving ahead.

And it never sleeps. If you reduced it to a single cell it will continue to attack. Yes, it is the Terminator. A fight to the death.

This is why new year’s resolutions fail. They do a hand-in-glove deal with Resistance to double-cross you.

So how do you beat this insidious force? How can you overcome Resistance to push through and see your new year’s resolution realised?

There is one defining and powerful counter-force which we all possess which will bring Resistance down: it’s called ACTION. You see, Resistance despises action. It hates doers. It hates those who are takin’ care of business. Resistance will spit on the shoes of movers and shakers. Action to Resistance is like a crucifix to a vampire.

This is how you can see out your new year’s resolution – with action. With Mitochondrial movement – one foot in front of the other. By doing the work.

But you have to be more than a one-trick-pony. A one-act wonder. You have to do the work, everyday. You must fight Resistance with repetition.

So, what are you going to DO EVERYDAY to lose 20 kgs this year? Is it drinking less alcohol, eating less KFC or merely gaining more motivation from your inner-self?

Either way, in the words of Seth Godin – “Start small, start now is much better than start big, start later – one advantage is that you don’t have to start perfect – you can just merely start”.

May the Action be with you!